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Wartime outbound civilian mail: 23 NO 1942 registered life insurance document with Avis Receipt service (manuscript) from Levantine branch of 'La Nationale' French insurance business TEL AVIV to deputy chief of military infirmary section BEIRUT franked 30m (15m registration fee + 15m AR - but lacking at least 3m for printed matter; not taxed) using pair Ba108 tied by REG TEL AVIV postmark & strike on back; passed Palestine outbound mail censor (octogonal cachet KK/33 on front - 7 months before Sacher's earliest known date of use); backstamped 25 NO 42 REG HAIFA transit; then combination Free French censor markings (BEIRUT) on front: local 'coded' 2-digit day-date handstamp (Type 10A: "31" meaning, received in for censoring 3 days before, on Saturday the 28th; no Type 10B on reverse indicating dispatch from censor next day, Sunday [no mail such stamped on Sundays]) + Beirut Free French 'Cross of Lorraine' civil censor (Type 1B4) cachet; backstamped 1 DEC BEYROUTH civilian post office transit & rare 2 DEC 1942 dated Free French military Post Office censor (‘Bureau de Controle Militaire’) BCM1 BEIRUT transit (Type 16A; rated 7/10), 4 DE 42 British FPO 552 arrival (per Proud this field post office was in Syria at this time, but may actually have been in Beirut per his earlier dated documentation - makes more sense here). Per French manuscript note "Repatriated to France"(!), marked in English "return to Sender" & backstamped [unclear] DE 42 REG TEL AVIV arrival. Well documented, rare rate & scarce route. All France (including the Vichy unoccupied zone in the south) was occupied by German as of 11 Nov 1942. Interesting route: 2 different civil + 2 military postal authorities & 3 censor markings.