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Wartime air mail from Ethiopia: 3-3-1944 registered airmail commercial cover from State Bank of Ethiopia ADDIS ABABA to Barclays Bank HAIFA, franked 189 cent. using complete series 2nd Restoration definitives (Sc #250-257) per postage period rate (c. 70c for air service + registration fee) & tied by 5 strikes of local postmark + bank's circular cachet on back; airmail from Ethiopia went via Egypt prior to ongoing transit, here marked by local civil censor (front); opened/resealed by KK/19106 (listed in Sacher used on label Q16, but here Q17 used) in HAIFA & tied by Haifa H6 censor handstamp & backstamped 16 MR 44 REG HAIFA arrival; slit open at top. In period after the Italian occupation Ethiopian civilian airmail is rare, especially business mail.