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Postwar incoming civilian mail: 29 V 1945 registered postcard in English on Polish postal stationary from Mariam Berlas STRYI Poland to Jewish soldier (Erus Schutzer) in 468 Palestine Company Royal Army Service Corps General Transport (HAIFA), franked 20kop (damaged) & tied by local postmark; passed Soviet military censor & H12 Palestine censor (Sach-Q22 - 3 years after his last known date of use) in HAIFA - 3x different censor markings; front-stamped 6 SP 1945 REG HAIFA arrival; 2 filing holeswith tears + surficial swath missing lower left. Rare origin & unusual destination: by the time this postcard arrived the Polish government had ceded this locale to the USSR/Ukraine SSR; very unusual contact with western soldier in this period. See previous lot for apparently identical message but in Russian: refers to correspondence of 24 Aug. 1944; sender's says she & her husband and daughter are alive, but that no news received from addressee's mother & brother, and that his father was sent to Hungary and has not been heard from since. Sender's parents & uncle also died in Stryi; mentions Finkler family members who were in Czestochowa.