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1 1808


WWII British military mail in Palestine / Italy enters War: 10 JUNE 1940 airmailed green honour envelope from FPO 123 (SARAFAND) to CLEETHORPES, franked 25m using Mandate pictorals & tied by 2 strikes of FPO postmark; as per 25m rate used, cover was carried by Italian Ala Littoria airlines (Imperial Airlines charged 60m in this period & the KLM route ceased as of 10 May) on its last day of service as Italy entered the war on the same day (declaring war at 16:30 in the afternoon, but with the declaration only taking effect at midnight of the 10th-11th). Proud notes that British military mail was carried both by British and foreign carriers including Ala Littoria. From July 1940, British military post from Palestine was franked using British stamps. Cover passed censor #1024 in Palestine; vertically folded; opened roughly at back, complete. Very rare postal link. The postal significance of Italy's entry into the war this date was the immediate suspension of the Empire airmail services the same day.