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1948 Interim mail abroad: MAY 1948 period undated surface mail commercial cover on pre-printed stationary from TEL AVIV to LONDON, franked 35 mils per Mandate period-7 postage rate (15m surface rate to UK + 20m for additional 20g weight) using mixed franking of Interim 10m Negev corner pair + 5m/10m Mandate pictorals, tied by 2 strikes of local interim postmark - here two activities against postal regulations: mail abroad had to be a) franked only with Mandate stamps (these were not sold over the counter during the interim period, so the franking here was done by the sender), and b) cancelled by Mandate obliterators; slit open at top.
As posted prior to 16 May (first day of Israel State post), between 2-14 May, probably carried by the Israeli ship 'SS Kedma': either on 6 May from HAIFA (with Mandate post mail - likely possibility as this was the last scheduled sea mail prior to the cessation of scheduled overseas mail) or 27 May from TEL AVIV, after Israel's independence; another possibility could be via the SS Franconia or SS Argentina which departed Haifa on May 16th but these were unofficial dispatches of mail, and the American SS Marine Carp which departed Haifa on 20 May sailed to North America. The May 6 dispatch is most likely in light of this cover's appearance, as although Mandate cancels continued to be used up until that day, the day prior was the official last day of the Mandate postal service, so here entirely possible for a cover to be postmarked (albeit against regulations) by the Minhelet Haam interim post. Rare period outgoing mail & postal handling + 3 postal authority period cover.