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Israeli State 'first day' 16 MY 1948 registered cover from NES TSIYONA to RISHON LE ZION franked 25m at the period rate (10m letter + 15m registered) using miscut 10m (likely from a stamp booklet) + 15m Doar Ivri Ba3/4 franks tied by 2 full strikes of reintroduced Mandate Proud D3/Dorf-4 postmark (backstamped twice same day by Mandate postmark D6/Dorf-5) with Mandate registry-label 3278 (early number: latest interim number is 3272) on front; arrived next day & marked by Mandate postmark D8/Dorf-8. Cut open at right. Scarce 1st Day cover bearing 3 different reintroduced Mandate postmarks. Local Post Office received the Israeli trilingual postmark on 8 July.


CR082, SC30, SC26, SC27, SC06, SC15, CR058