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1st Day Israeli trilingual postmark tied to Interim period franks: 16-5-1948 local TEL AVIV commercial cover on business postal stationary, franked 10m per period domestic letter rate, using pair of 5m Weizmann Minhelet Haam stamps (with Tel Aviv 'Doar' overprints) & tied by the [un-numbered] Head Post Office cancel on the 1st official day of independent Israel's postal service + tied by the National Loan cachet applied at the TEL AVIV sorting office; opened gently at back, folded vertically & horizontally. The interim period stamps were tolerated by the Israeli postal authority until the end of the day on 22 May. Trilingual cancels on interim franked mail in this period are scarce: the trilinguals were only in use at the Tel Aviv HPO (and not at the branch post offices) and at the HAIFA Head Post Office and some (but not all) of the city's branch post offices; the rest of Israel continued to use the Mandate-era cancelling devices (with a few exceptions, also local interim cancels) - and most of these post offices only received the trilinguals on 1 July.


CR082, HL106, SC15, SC27, SC26, CR058