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1948 beseiged Safed interim post: 10 MAY 1948 local printed-matter cover franked 5m per period 3m printed-matter rate (2m convenience overcharge) using Mandate Ba93 stamp tied by full strike of "circular local" postmark in carmine; cut open at top. Probably posted sealed (against printed-matter reguations) to protect its contents as operation to liberate the town began that same day; Mandate frank justified as local issue only denominated as 10m. Evaluated as a genuine cover: postmark matches known dimensions (39mm/26mm) & lettering + carmine (not red) ink; imprint of postmark ink on back, like cover placed in mail stack; stamp affixed close to edge (unlike unaddressed souvenirs); address is without street as most known local covers of this period & addressee is not a known philatelic name. Rare as bearing Mandate frank (no longer sold, as local issue then available; 3m known used on 7- & 8-05-48 wrappers, supply possibly used up, hence 5m here).