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1948-1949 War of Independence British mail suspension to Israel: 19 FEB 1949 registered airmail cover from St. John's Wood LONDON to HAIFA, franked 9d & tied by the local branch office's registered postmark cancel + 1x on back; the cover was posted just over a month before the resumption of registered mail service from the UK to Israel (on 23 March), so marked by 2x Kibble-unlisted instructional markings "NO REGISTERED SERVICE" (similar to Type V, but larger at 53 x 10mm, and in black) + 2-lined "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED | RETURN TO SENDER" (similar to Type III, but larger at 59 x c.21mm, and in black) - Kibble notes that both types were used together, but here post-dating by 3 months his latest known date of 19 Nov. 1948. The address on front was crossed out by black crayon with PTO ("please turn over") instruction marking , where the return address was circled and the cover forwarded to the London Returned Letter department on 21 Feb (backstamp); cover was torn open at the top & repaired/sealed. Rare postal history.