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1948 Egyptian seizure of mail to Israel: 12-4-1948 surface mailed cover from WEST BERLIN to GAN ZVI (scarce destination), franked 50Pf & tied by local machine cancel: this mailed 6 days after UK suspended surface mail to Palestine (Germany's usual route), here possibly sent via FRANCE as late surface mail alternative route (as cover not marked by British "no service" or "Return to Sender" instructional markings); nevertheless routing went via EGYPT, where as of early April mail to Jews in Palestine was seized, censored & returned to sender, as done here - opened/resealed using K-type-A label & tied by K-Type1 (#53) censor handstamp. Such mail was generally held by Egypt 3-4 months before being returned to sender: no further postal markings but manuscript on back indicates 10-11-48 return receipt (slow, as surface mail). Slit open at top.