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1948 Egyptian seizure of mail to Israel: 24 IV 1948 airmail cover from BASEL to HAIFA, franked 70c & tied by strike of local postmark; dispatched 2 days before all airmail to Palestine got returned due to service suspensions: here transported via CAIRO, where since early April mail to Jews in Palestine was seized, censored & returned to sender, as done here - opened/resealed using K-type-A censor label & marked by Type-1 (#53) censor handstamp. Such mail was generally held by Egypt 3-4 months before being returned, hence backstamped 2 VIII 48 GENEVA arrival; cover resent: backstamped 24 IX 48 BASEL dispatch postmark tied to 40c frank (as dissimilar to original franking, probably due to change in rates - otherwise none needed per UPU regulations regarding re-sent returned mail). Of note, a manuscript comment "Hon Kong" (sic) appears in red crayon on the front: it's possible that the sorting office mis-sorted this cover's destination although in any case it would probably have reached Egypt in transit. Slit open at top, 2 vertical folds.