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Egyptian wartime postal boycott of Israel: 15 SEP 1948 airmail cover from EAST FINCHLEY (UK) to KFAR PINES (via KARKUR), franked 6d & tied by local machine cancel + same day LONDON F.S. ("Foreign Section") dispatch; as address didn't include country name, this [mis-] routed via EGYPT where censored - uniquely - in ALEXANDRIA (rather than Cairo) using K-Type3 ("Mim") handstamp, where country-name "Palestine" added - and returned to sender without being opened for inspection - this also unique; cover re-sent & backstamped 8-10-1948 KARKUR arrival (just 3 weeks after original dispatch). Most of the known Egyptian-censored Israel-bound mail was from deliveries seized while in transit via Egypt, in April 1948 - censored in Cairo, opened/resealed and returned to sender 3-4 months later. Here, a very unusual case of misrouting without the usual politically-motivated sanctions, and so a remarkably fast turn-around time. Postal relations between UK & Israel began 22 July. Opened roughly at bck & restored; complete.