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1948-49 Jordanian occupation of West Bank: 7 FE 1949 commercial cover from TULKAREM to El-Andalus Library [EAST] JERUSALEM, franked 15m using "Palestine" overprinted Jordanian franks & tied by 2 strikes of local reintroduced Mandate double-ring postmark; between 15 May 1948 & April 1949 region of Qalqilya-Tulkarem-Nablus-Jenin was held by Iraqi Expeditionary Force in Palestine in coordination with Jordan - here cover opened/resealed by Iraqi censor & tied by its negative cachet; backstamped next day NABLUS transit using Ba-TY-3 Jordanian date-stamp (pre-dates Bale's earliest known date of use, April 1949); cut open at left, very fine & rare.