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1948 JERUSALEM Interim overseas mail: 29 JUNE 1948 airmail commercial cover (return addressed "Palestine") to SAN DIEGO, franked 65 mils per FA-1 postage period rate to US using 3x 20m + 1x 5m Doar Ivri stamps tied by 2x strikes of transition period provisional "Egg" postmark of the Head Post Office - this rare on overseas mail; opened gently at back, tear to flap & cover's top left corner missing, vertical fold in center. On this date the US formally announced the resumption of air mail service to Israel (which technically began already on the 26th). The oval "egg" postmark was in use at the Jerusalem Main Post Office only from 22 June to 4 July, and unlike the interim Minhelet Haam double ring postmarks, these were UPU legitimate for overseas use.