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1948 postage dues between 2 postal authorities: 5 MY 1948 local TEL AVIV cover mailed on last day of Mandate postal services (at Head Post Offices of the 3 main cities) and franked at the period letter rate using invalid JNF (not Minhelet Ha'am overprinted) Ramat Gan stamp Ba #26 - a day before the start of usage of Minhelet Haam overprinted stamps in the main cities - as such rejected and cover marked for tax (double the deficiency), marked by Mandate boxed cachet (Sacher L2) & Mandate canceller (Sacher B24) applied only to field of cover; delivered and paid almost 4 weeks later (after the interim Minhelet Haam period) using the new 1st postage dues franking, Ba #PD4, on 3rd official day of use in TEL AVIV tied by full strike of 1-6-48 TEL AVIV Head Post Office postmark - also applied (erroniously & against regulations) to the invalid JNF frank; cover slit open at top. As this is not a registered cover the Mandate canceller used was probably not of the "frozen dated" 5 May kind used between 5-14 May; Minhelet Haam cancelled TEL AVIV covers are documented as early as 3 May, while Mandate cancelled TEL AVIV covers are known as late as 6 May; rare - taxed on last official date by one postal authority and paid through another - two postal authority-periods later; estimated value $2500+