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Interim franks as postage dues: local TEL AVIV interim period commercial cover from transport cooperative, franked 10m per period inland letter rate but using invalid JNF 10m Negev pipeline label (not overprinted with 'DOAR'), so not cancelled - also of note, manuscript notation "PR" in English, for "Poste Restante" (mail is delivered to closest post office for retrieval): cover was taxed 20m using 2x Diaspora series interim franks - double the postage deficiency & tied by strike of local interim cancel, but as addressee a private individual and not business the taxation may actually be a) concessional tax only of 10m for the invalid frank + b) 10m tax for use of Poste Restante within the city of the sender - the service is not available when the return address is in the same town, so the cover is handled as "special delivery" at the post office for which 10m is charged (reference: Postal Guide 1948). Cut open at right, light vertical fold. Probable expertization signatures on front and back. Rare taxation & postage dues franks.