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1948 waived taxed late interim mail / small locales: 23 MY 1948 commercial cover from KARKUR (return addressed "Tel Shalom, Karkur post") to HAIFA franked 10m using now demonetized and invalid interim frank (Herzl Ba7) as of 23 May; this not initially accepted by local clerk who circled the frank and stamped the cover with reintroduced Mandate postmark (D3/Dorf-4) on blank field and marked the cover with "To Pay" boxed cachet - but this overruled: left unfilled & box cachet struck out (a possible favor by the manager), and mail accepted for delivery in spite of the postage dues markings; opened gently at back. Very late and highly unusual interim franked cover; a 3-postal period cover. Karkur received the Israeli trilingual postmark on 1 July. Very fine. The sender's locale, Tel Shalom, was a small outlying settlement near Karkur, founded in 1937-38 & absorbed as a neighborhood of Karkur in the 1950s.