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1 2061


LATE USE Doar Ivri stamps as Postage Dues: 2-6-1948 local HAIFA cover franked 10m per period letter rate using Minhelet Haam "Immigrant Ship" stamp (Ba 23) - this demonetized as of 23-5-1948: clerk correctly tied Head Post Office trilingual postmark (with inverted order of Latin/Hebrew datelines) to field of cover and not to frank & marked the cover with "T" tax handstamp + manuscript "20 mils" charge - this paid using 5m + 15m Doar Ivri stamps tied by next day HAIFA-3 postmark: extraordinary procedure as the 1st Postage Dues franks entered local use 2 days earlier (1 June) after period (20-28 May) where locale uniquely cancelled Doar Ivri franks with "T" cachet - here NEITHER EXISTING PRACTICE followed. Torn open at back, complete; fine & Rare


CR058, HL031, SC40, SC27, SC35, SC39