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1948 rejected Jerusalem interim franking: 20-7-1948 cover from JERUSALEM to HAIFA (about a month after the end of the siege), franked 10m per period domestic letter rate using the then available and accepted local Jerusalem interim stamps & tied by single strike of the Jerusalem-1 postmark; this franking was rejected by the post office in Haifa (Doar Ivri stamps were available in Jerusalem from 20 June), and taxed as if mailed unfranked - twice the deficiency (not the concessionary rate of the postage alone, probably because the Hod HaCarmel Hotel is mentioned in the address - a commercial not private address) - using a single 20m 1st postage dues frank (Ba #PD4) tied by the Haifa-3 post office postmark on 22-7-1948; slit open at top, back-flap tear repaired, vertical fold at center. The Jerusalem local franks were not uniformly accepted as legal postage outside of the city, after 23 May although their taxation is scarce.