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1 1975


1947/49 Mandate-State taxed wartime mail between 2 postal authorities: DEC 1947 commercial cover from MESHEK EIN HAROD to partially written addressee at Religious Youth Village POB in HAIFA posted during Mandate period (start of War of Independence) and franked 10m using Ba97 stamp per letter rate, and tied by scarce Proud D6/Dorfman-2 postmark; as addressee not found (manuscript bottom front), cover returned to sender over a year and a half later (15-5-49 Haifa postmark on front) but now marked for tax as Mandate stamp now demonetized, using scarce narrow "T" cachet; received at MESHEK EIN HAROD next day where postage dues (double DO-2 period 15pr letter rate) paid 11 days later using 10m & 20m 1st postages dues BaPD3/4 franks tied by full strike of 27-5-49 local postmark. Opened gently at back; very fine and unusual. As Postage Dues were calculated per 2nd postage rate period (starting Oct. 1948), cover probably didn't reach Haifa in 1947-48 and was delayed by the War, as northern Palestine affected by Arab marauders & al-Qawuqji's Arab Liberation Army from late 1947 to 1948.