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1950 UPU / rates & routes / taxed mail: 26-3-1950 commemorative 1st Day Cover pre-franked 120pr using 40pr & 80pr (Ba27/28) and tied by 1st day Haifa cancellation, left unused by owner and franked a month later 26-4-1950 on back 140pr for airmail dispatch from HAIFA (return addressed Nahariya) to SANTIAGO Chile using mix of 80pr (Ba28) + 40pr 1950 Independence (ba30) + 2x 10pr 1949 2nd Coinage (Ba23) tied by 2 strikes of Haifa postmark - however underfranked (10pr) & marked for tax (red manuscript on front); backstamped 4 May 50 transit at SANTIAGO & next day arrival; slit open at top, vertical fold at right edge. Unusual + no official 1st day covers were issued for this series; estimated value $200+