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1950 UPU / PO's, rates & routes / taxed mail: 19-10-1950 "Lacol" austerity period stationary registered surface-mailed cover from AFIKIM to SVENDBORG Denmark franked 65pr at the SU-2 postage period rate (30pr letter + 25pr registration + 15pr additional 10g weight) - underfranked 5pr and taxed ("T3" manuscript on back); franked using mix of full tabbed 40pr (Ba27) + 10pr & 15pr 1949 2nd Coinage (Ba23/24) tied by 2 strikes of local postmark on front + 2 on back, with scarce dateless triangular holiday bulk mail cancellation on front - erroniously used on a foreign and non-printed matter cover, a few weeks after the High Holidays; backstamped same day transit at KINNERET (deformed postmark) & HAIFA overseas dispatch; handwritten arrival date 24/10 (i.e. postage dues were paid). Slit open at top, very fine; scarce rate, route & taxation + mail between 2 small locales; Estimated value $250+