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1950 1st airmail to Russian Zone: 8-2-1951 "Lacol" austerity period stationary airmail cover from JERUSALEM to old age home in "RUSSIAN ZONE" BERLIN "Germany" (East Germany) franked 40pr at the FA-2a period rate to Europe using left marginal full tabbed 40pr (Ba #34) tied by single strike of local postmark, with Israeli "zayin" censor cachet on front; handwritten arrival 14-II-51 on front; slit open at top, very fine. The phrasing of the address expresses the political reality of the time: as of 7 October 1949, with the establishment of East Germany (GDR) in the Soviet occupied zone of Germany, the sector of Berlin held by the Soviet Union was claimed by the GDR to be its capital - a declaration recognized by the communist bloc but not by the western allies, hence the country was written only as "Germany". A subtle form of 'postkrieg'. Rare postal link & franking.