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Error & mixed currency franks on mail: 1-6-1988 express airmail cover from REHOVOT to NEW PLYMOUTH Wisconsin (US), franked 1.70nis using a now devalued 1982 Martyr's series (Ba MS.23) 'Hanna Senesh' 3Sh stamp (worth 0 as Sh:Nis was 1000:1), damaged at right end of horizontal perforation + 1987 80ag Biblical Owls (Ba 948) + 1986 50ag Red Sea Corals (Ba 925a) with major perforation shift + 2x 5ag, 10ag & 20ag 1986-issue Herzl definitives, where the 20ag has no phosphor strip (Ba SB.14-II); backstamped JUN 8 1988 OSHKOSH transit with machine cancel but as address unknown, cover stamped by instructional marking and returned to sender, with OSHKOSH & DULUTH transits + several sorting code alphanumeric markings on back; slit open at top; lower-front "express" label partly torn off. Estimated value $150+