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Heavily re-routed mail to the military: 22-6-1948 local TEL AVIV registered cover from civilian sender to "Inspector of the Special Police", addressed Beit HaShoeva Street in the city; franked 25m per period rate (one frank, presumably 15m now missing) & tied by 1x strike of the Head Post Office trilingual cancel on the front + 2x on the back & HPO registry label and "National Loan" cachet applied by the sorting office; the cover was transferred to the Army postal service and received by "BASE A" (at 121 Hayarkon Street), which processed mail for the central & southern regions, on 29 June (backstamp), and transferred to APO 3 (Tel Aviv - also at 121 Hayarkon Street) the same day (backstamped); the address was found to be invalid and redirected by pencil notation to "Machane Yona" (Camp Yona training base) which was also located on Hayarkon Street; here too it was re-routed, being marked as "unknown" at the Camp & "Moved to Hayarkon 91" with pen notation & carmine crayon; this address was subsequently changed and the cover marked at base "HaNeviim Street - HaCarmel School"; this apparently was still incorrect and at this point, in light orange crayon, the original address was crossed out and an arrow pointing to the registry label was applied + the return address circled; the cover was returned to the civilian postal service from APO 3 on 15 July (backstamp), whereupon the trilingual Mandate era instructional marking for reason of return was applied on the back (with "Unknown" address indicated) - and the cover was marked on front "civilian mail"; cut open at left. A rare triple-re-routed cover. The possible intended addressee was Yair Diesenhaus, the founder of the famous Diesenhaus travel agency, who served as the commander of the Special Police as well as the inspector of the coast and border guards during the Mandate era; he became a police commander with the establishment of the State but quit sometime thereafter to return to his travel business.


CR058, HL106, SC25, SC29, SC17