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Besieged Negev - end of Operation Yoav: 19-10-1948 (1st day of Hol HaMoed Sukkot holiday) parcel card from BNEI BRAK to KABA 277 (Palmach Yiftach Brigade headquarters) in the NEGEV, franked 60m using 10 + 50m Doar Ivri stamps for 1.3kg weight & tied by 2 strikes of the local postmark; flown to the servicing army post office at APO 10 ('Misrad 10') in RUCHAMA where front-stamped 22 X 48 arrival; received by addressee the same day. At this time mail to & from the Negev was handled at Kibbutz RUHAMA and transported by air; the siege on the Negev was lifted between 19-21 October and the Air Force supply line ended on the 24th, with postal service handled by road transport. Here one of the last flown incoming parcels to the besieged Negev.