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Mandate triangular postmark on 1950 1st airmail franked cover: 30-7-1950 Israeli airmail stationary registered cover from YOKNEAM to GUATEMALA franked 115pr at the FA-2a period rate (90pr letter + 25pr registration) franked by pair of 40pr + 30pr + 5pr (Ba32-34) franks tied by 2 strikes of local postmark on front + 2 on back, and cover field tied by thick "H.A." initialled HAIFA Mandate era dateless triangular postmark GD-83 (with fused letters & thick rough frame, as observed on this type postmark) - unusual timing of the use as its purpose was for bulk mail at holiday times, and here just late in the Jewish month of Menachem-Av (T"Z - perhaps as a result of the holiday of "Tu be Av", occuring just the day before) ; 8-3-1950 in transit NEW YORK CITY, arrival postmark on back; half of back missing but well documented cover - scarce destination. Very rare Mandate postal marking on Israeli mail + highly unusual at a primary post office like HAIFA.