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1950 1st airmail / small locales / postmarks: 36(!)-10-1950 postmark-dated "Lacol" austerity period airmail stationary cover from HAIFA (return addressed MATZUVA via Nahariya post - possibly couriered) to SANTIAGO Chile franked 150pr at the FA-2a postage period rate using mix of 30pr & 40pr (Ba33/34) + 2x 10pr & pair 30pr 1949 2nd Coinage (Ba23/25), tied by 4x strikes of the erroniously Latin-dated local postmark (per the Hebrew date the English date should be Friday, 20-10-1950); backstamped 7 NOV 50 in transit SANTIAGO & next day arrival; slit open at top. Rare origin & unusual postmark.