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1948 JERUSALEM Interim & State mail - TRIPLE RARITY: 15-7-1948 printed matter commercial cover on loan society stationary ("Totzeret HaAretz" manufacture) from JERUSALEM to BEIT HAKEREM, franked 5m per period printed-matter rate a) using Local III issue stamp (with slanted "5" - rare on covers) & b) tied by full strike of JERUSALEM-1 Sorting Office postmark with METAL DATE SLUG - this very rare: both JERUSALEM-1 and JERUSALEM-4 (Head Post Office) postmarks lacked date slugs from 14 July and used rubber daters until noon on the 15th when metal date slugs received and inserted; c) front-stamped 19-7-1948 BEIT HAKEREM (then small locality outside Jerusalem) arrival very near that post office's 1st date of use (Nacht-289/102: per Shimony et al. 9 July was the earliest known date of use); re-routed to P.O.Box on Jaffo Steet in JERUSALEM. Unsealed per printed-matter regulations. Extraordinary combination cover, very fine. A cover tied by the JERUSALEM-1 metal dater sold for $3700 in 2015 at TAS auction 42.