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DISCOVERY piece: [13] August 1948 period JERUSALEM-6 postmark *without the date slug*, tied to registered cover to the local council of BAT YAM from a Doctor Ben-Zion in Kiryat Shmuel, franked 25m per period rate & backstamped by full strike of dateless JER-6 cancel + 13-08-1948 TEL AVIV (Chet of Av as visible on the Hebrew dateline) transit & 15-08-1948 BAT YAM arrival (the 2-day transit is probably due to the 13th having been a Friday); the letter was likely posted on the 13th as the transit times between Jerusalem & Tel Aviv was same-day - this cancellation device error is unrecorded in the literature (Glassman & "Jerusalem & Safed Postal Services in the Transition Period"), though known for devices Jerusalem-1 and -4 on 14-15 July 1948. The postmark was used by the Main Post Office (along with numbers 1-5), and per Glassman was used on Express and some Registered mail; Jerusalem-6 was previously the designation for the Machane Yehuda Branch Office. It appears that additional materials were lacking at the postal department that day as the standard marking for registered mail (a large "plus" sign across the front in blue crayon) was done with a single line in black pencil(?) Very fine, cover slit open at top; a dateless Jerusalem-4 cover (of which only 5 are known) sold for $3900+ at auction in 2014.