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Small locales / military mail: 3-10-1948 (kaf-tet Elul / eve Rosh Hashana) parcel card from Kibbutz GIVOT ZEID posted at HAIFA-15 to soldier in CAESAREA via army post (number not provided), franked 30pr for 0.9kg weight (under 1kg weight) using vertical pair 15pr Doar Ivri - apparently the old DO1 domestic rate, now 3 days into the new DO2 postage rate period but accepted during as being during the 2 week grace period between rate periods, tied by 1x strike of the local postmark on the front & 1x on the back; 6 X 48 airmailed via Base B in Haifa (frontstamped), same day transit via APO 4 (frontstamped) + next day arrival at APO 4 (frontstamped) - this odd as Caesarea should have been serviced by either APO 2 in Hadera or APO 8 in Netanya. The significance of this packet card is that GIVOT ZEID's full address as Haifa post office box (and incorporation) is revealed, as a post office box (239) in Haifa - a similar practice to other tiny locales without postal services of their own, at this time. The kibbutz was founded in 1940 but dissolved in 1950. Rare postal history.