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1950 1st airmail / PO's, rates & routes: 3-8-1950 registered military cover from Central Army Pay Office KABA 369 in JAFFA to TEL AVIV franked 40pr at the DO-2 period rate (15pr letter + 25pr registration) using single 1st Airmail 40pr (Ba34, damaged at lower right perforation) frank tied by single strike of JAFFA-1 postmark on front + 2 on back + triangular Kaba handstamp on front & back, with boxed "Official Mail" and Mandate R-label Sacher-RK on front; slit open at left, very fine. The dispatch from the civilian post office was probably necessary in order to use the registered mail service; as the "official" handstamp was used, the sender was probably not entitled to postage-free military mail and the Kaba handstamp was probably pre-applied prior to use - however the sender, oddly, paid the full postage anyway. Official mail was free for regular mail until February 1951 (and then again from July 1952).


CR058, HL036, SC19, SC17, SC18, HL106