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Israeli "No Service" marks on mail from Arab countries: 9-12-1955 mini airmail cover (printed matter?) from HOMS Syria to LONDON, franked 40p & tied by strike of local postmark + stamped on back by boxed cachet "The Army is the Impervious Fortress of the Nation, Support it with Money to Give you Lives"; upon arrival cover affixed by British General Post Office label "arrived opened or damaged | and officially secured": label tied by "RETOUR" instructional marking & front-stamped 14 DEC 1955 dispatch using Christmas greeting machine cancel - but here misrouted to ISRAEL, where backstamped 29.12.55 HAIFA arrival (long transit time may be due to the holiday) using scarce "Give to Defence Fund" machine slogan cachet (on 5th day of use; 25-12-55 to 13-01-56) & tied by Haifa Post Office "PAS DE SERVICE VIA ISRAEL" instructional marking handstamp K-Type-H.I.3 - this rare as less than 10 covers dating mid-1950's known such stamped; returned to "sender" (UK/British post office). Very rare instance of Syria-bound mail routed to Israel. Ironic combination of defense-related Syrian & Israeli slogans on same cover.