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1967 War Israel-captured mail: 24-4-1967 surface-mailed parcel card from MARSEILLE to BETHLEHEM Jordan, sent by rail at MARVEJOLS "via BEIRUT"-DAMASCUS-AMMAN to [E.] JERUSALEM (one of 2 documented routes, via Syria), where received 3 JUN 67 by Jordanian Post Office in JERUSALEM + marked by local customs boxed Arabic handstamp. This document fell into Israeli hands with the capture of the city on 7 June: now handled by IDF West Bank Command customs house, using bilingual Hebrew/Arabic unframed cachet & delivered 21-9-67 (backstamp) by Israeli military post in BETHLEHEM (locale being within Israeli Military Governorate of West Bank). Backstamped by local Carmelite Monastery cachet. Rare mail: fewer than 40 captured parcel cards known & this is the only one captured in JERUSALEM + rare proof of routing (Beirut). Verical fold at center, a few pin holes.