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Egyptian postal boycott of Israel: 10-7-1969 registered airmail cover from HERZLIYA to WEST BERLIN, franked 80Ag per FA-18 period rate (40Ag letter to EU + 40Ag registration fee) & tied by local postmark; when arrived re-routed to CAIRO with Poste Restante address (as addresee travelling abroad) & backstamped 16-7-69 CAIRO AIRPORT arrival - however as cover's origins & markings are Israeli, it was censored using K-Type-8 handstamp & stamped by K-Type-II "pas de service" instructional marking (on last known date of usage) & returned to West Germany (manuscript notation); from here returned to Israel - backstamped 17-8-69 TEL AVIV transit & next day HERZLIYA arrival. A numbered circular cachet on top right at back may be an additonal censor mark - possibly German. Rare: unusual for Israeli-originated cover to receive Arabian "no service" markings, having reached that destination; this is the only known redirected 'poste restante' mail from Israel to an Arab state.