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1948 Mandate cancels on 1st postage dues: 7 JU 48 local YAGUR-NESHER cover underfranked at 5m (for the period 10m domestic letter rate) using Doar Ivri Ba #2 tied by reintroduced Mandate postmark Dorf-6 and taxed 10m (double the deficiency), marked by Mandate "To Pay" box cachet, and paid using 1st postage dues series 10m Ba #PD3 frank tied by same-date reintroduced local Mandate postmark - this rare: Mandate postmarks on 1st series postage dues franks are rarely seen (a combination possible only in the small locales for about 1 month, from introduction of the 1st postage dues series until the employment of the Israeli trilingual postmark device); slit open at top, very fine. Early taxation + 2 period taxed mail, ironically postmarked entirely by Mandate devices; the local Post Office received the Israeli trilingual postmark on 1 July.


CR082, HL117, SC18, SC35, SC26, CR058