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Government address cancels out postage dues: 15 JU 1948 postcard in German from RAMAT GAN to Food Allocation Department in TEL AVIV, franked 10m for the period 7m postcard rate using a demonetized Mandate pictorals frank: this, correctly, not cancelled & the local reintroduced Mandate postmark was applied to the empty field of the postcard (though card not marked for tax); the postcard was taxed in TEL AVIV using a 20m single frank of the 1st postage dues series (Ba #PD4) & tied by the Head Post Office postmark the next day; the tax was subsequently annulled by the Mandate era English language boxed cross cachet CHARGE NOT COLLECTED | FRESH LABEL REQUIRED, and this because the card was addressed to a government agency and such mail could be posted free of charge - an unusual self-applied postal procedure; locally re-routed. Unusual 2-period cover with postal markings of the Mandate and Israel. Ramat Gan received the Israeli trilingual postmark on 1 July.