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1948 early 1st postage rate period domestic taxed mail: 22-6-1948 local HAIFA cover posted underfranked with only 3m (for the period 10m domestic letter rate) using Doar Ivri Ba #1 frank tied by full strike of Head Post Office postmark, and taxed double the deficiency (14m) + marked by Mandate "To Pay" boxed cachet (unusually without the Haifa "T" cachet), and paid using 3x 3m Ba #PD1 with right gutter & 5m Ba #PD2 tied by 2 full strikes of 24-6-1948 Haifa Head Post Office postmark; slit open at top (had the cover remained unsealed the 3m franking could have been passed off for the period printed matter rate). The 1st series of Postage Dues entered use in Haifa on 1 June, so this is an early Postage Dues cover; Tsachor certification included; very fine.


CR058, HL031, SC27, SC35