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1948 1st postage rate period tax on Express demonetized mail: 7-7-1948 express commercial cover from HAIFA to Saint-Joseph College JAFFA franked 50m at the DO-1 postage period rate (10m letter rate + 40m express rate) but as affixed with now demonetized Mandate frank (Ba #100), rejected at the counter (although cancelled against regulations), and taxed twice the deficiency using right margin vertical pair 1st postage dues series 50m Ba #PD5 franks tied by same-date full strike of Haifa Head Post Office postmark; Arabic script below reads "Al Fareer school (Jaffa)"; unsealed, vertical fold. Early 1st postage dues cover + late use of invalid Mandate franking on genuine commercial cover; rare combination of rate, destination & multiple high franking: Jaffa was a military zone at this time (during War of Independence); estimated value $1200+.