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1966 DO-12 postage rate period domestic taxed mail + postmark errors: 29-5-1966 commercial cover from ASHQELON (return addressed Kibbutz Gat) to TEL AVIV franked at the old DO-11 letter rate of 12 Ag (invalid as of 14 Jan 66) using 1961 Zodiac Ba210 & tied by strike of local machine cancel (whose Hebrew year is misspelled Tav-Shin-Vav-Vav-Kaf); taxed twice the deficiency (6 Ag), marked by scarce 3-line "Penalty to Pay" boxed cachet, paid using 0.01L 1961 Zodiac Ba204 + 0.05L overprinted 1962 Zodiac Ba237 franks tied by single strike of 1-6-66 TEL AVIV-29 cancel (Hebrew year date error - 1968!); backstamped same day TEL AVIV-27 delivery (whose dateline has equally suspect Hebrew year date anomaly).