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1969 double taxed franking: 17-8-1969 local TEL AVIV cover on Dan Hotel TEL AVIV stationary posted from guest to local address, mailed unfranked at TEL AVIV-234; as addressee not reached front marked "address unknown/return" by cachet and return address attempted - but unsuccessfully because no address supplied, so marked on back by "unknown/return" cachet, and original address re-attempted (red manuscript) unsuccessfully, with the postman noting his journey of addresses on back (and front re-marked by cachet); finally re-return attempted by sending the letter back to the hotel ("Try Dan Hotel" red manuscript on back), where full tax paid: double 2x the letter rate (eg. 4x the letter rate of 0.15L in rate period DO-12) for attempted double-delivery of the letter + missing postage, totalling 60 Ag paid using 1969 8th Maccabiah Ba432 frank tied by 29-8-69 TEL AVIV-7 postmark and marked by "cancelled" cachet; opened at back, vertical folds. Unusual & rare tax.