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Triple re-directed, uprated & taxed mail during Pruta-Lira currency change period: 20-1-1960 airmail cover from TEL AVIV to addressee at Poste Restante address in ZURICH Switzerland, franked 250Pr per the new 1 January 1960 FA-10 postage period 0.25 Lira rate for airmail to Europe (100 Pruta = 0.10 Lira), using 1957 issue 9th Independence Day single (Ba #142) - almost 2 years after last day of sale & tied by traffic safety machine slogan cancel; the cover arrived 22 January (backstamp) and was subsequently re-routed to MUNICH: it was probably here that the cover was uprated by prior instruction of the addressee to "Express Mail", indicated by the Swiss trilingual etiquette & taxed 40c per gold Centimes exchange for the additional service (poste restante itself is free of charge in Switzerland and Germany); the cover arrived the same day (backstamped by 2x devices) but between the 22nd and the 25th, the cover was again rerouted, this time to a hotel (and Poste Restante crossed out) in AROSA Switzerland (back-stamped 25-1-60 dispatch) and arrived the next day (backstamp) - possibly received only on 7 FEB per green dater on front. Original correspondence in Hebrew to sender's father is included + letter in Serbian(?) possibly original to this letter. Slit open at top. Unusual combination of postal handling & currency-change franking, well documented.