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1960 incoming Algerian taxed mail / early Israeli Lira tax franking: 20-1-1960 airmail cover from ORAN to JERUSALEM franked at 100 Francs using French postage stamps (as was possible in Algeria between 1958-1962) - but the cover was underfranked at 100Fr: this noticed probably during transit in France as cover was stamped by a French triangular tax cachet & taxed 0.18L in Israel, paid 24-1-1960 using 0.12L & 0.03L 1960 Provisionals Ba #181/183 franks (2 weeks after 1st day of use 6 Jan. 1960) tied by JERUSALEM-2(?) cancel - just after 1 Jan 1960 conversion to new Lira currency from the old Pruta (noted by corrected cachet); backstamped 22-1-1960 JERUSALEM-3 transit & 24-1-1960 JERUSALEM-18 delivery; cut open at left, very fine and well documented. A rare postal link: Algeria, then a French colony, renewed postal relations with Israel on 27 March 1949 and maintained them until 1962, when the country gained its independence, joined the Arab League and adopted its boycott of Israel.