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1 1968


WWI era local Polish post: 25-7-1917 postmarked touristic picture postcard of Alexandrowo (by George Stilke publishers of Berlin) with German message, from CIECHOCINEK to WARSAW; as of 1915 the Warsaw region of the former area of Congress Poland was occupied by Germany and the zone renamed "General Gouvernement Warschau" (General Governorate Warsaw): the occupying force did not provide any local delivery service and this was left to the various councils of the town to set up delivery services, some using stamps and others using cachets for the provided service - here the postcard is tied by a carmine boxed cachet for the postage fee "POCZTA MIEJSKA 7 FENYGOW", which was paid using a General Gouvernement overprinted Germania issue frank & tied by the German-language local postmark (the local Fenigow and German Pfennig were worth the same, except that there was no 7pf overprinted German stamp available for use).