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Jewish Synagogues: Hungary > Beregszász/Beregsas/Berehove - GREAT SYNAGOGUE in center of colorized photographic postcard by Kiadja Friedman | Móritz Központi Bazár of Beregszász, with printed Czech & Hungarian captions. Used: postmarked 1938 (message dated 29 Nov 1938) from BEREGSZASZ to BUDAPEST, franked 2f & tied by special large SC BEREGSZASZ-VISSZATÉRT ("homecoming") postmark; sender references image on front in transliterated Hebrew name "Binyan Karola" (Karola Building) in the town square. The Synagogue was built between 1880-1890, survived the Holocaust/WWII but was partially dismantled, covered with a shell & converted into a Culture Center by the USSR in the 1960's. Of interest: locale was part of Czechoslovakia until it reverted to Hungary (1938-1944) under the "First Vienna Award"; it was vacated by Czechoslovkia between 5-10 November & absorbed into Hungary by decree on the 12th - here postcard sent c.2 weeks after locale's incorporation into Hungary.