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Germany 1945 "Überroller" mail abroad: 9-3-1945 business stationary cover from fur-hat business LAUTERBACH to business in STOCKHOLM (Sweden), franked 25pf per period surface mail rate to Europe using the firm's slogan-meter cancel; cover front-stamped next day transit in locale's postal system & marked at back by numbered circular censor cachet - but further transmission ceased & processing of the mail resumed with the American occupation of parts of Germany - here the Hesse region - making this "Uberroller mail" - "overtaken" mail (postal matter accepted by the Nazi/Third Reich German or German occupied postal authorities and delivered by the Allied Occupation Forces after the German surrender): cover opened & resealed by US military censor (possibly mailed unsealed as censor-label sealed only a tip of the flap) & tied by 10218 censor on front. Though lacking Swedish postal markings, the 10 MRS 1946 dateline on front is in Swedish (not German), serving as a proving date, and indicates that the cover was received abroad; a couple of vertical and horizontal folds + staples at top right with fragment of paper - possibly a removed postal label. Rare type of mail - especially as overseas mail & delivered.