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Hungarian WWII/Holocaust-era Jewish mail: AUG 1944 local BUDAPEST registered cover from the "Jewish radio license reporting" bureau at Post Office 112 BUDAPEST to a Vilmos Litzmann, tied by the bureau's green boxed cachet ("Zsidó rádió engedély adatszolgáltatás") + signature endorsement for official mail reduced postage (70 Filler for the registry fee instead of 1 Pengo for the additonal base letter fee) - probably in connection to the Stojay government's policy of expropriating Jewish property, including radios, following the German occupation of Hungary in March 1944. The cover is addressed oddly with the apparent sender's information in the center (borne out by the registry label & postmark being from the same post office). The sender (1871-1950) appears to have been a Jewish textile merchant with a valiant war record with the mountain artillery in World War I, but accused & sentenced in 1940 for blackmailing another Jew (Sandor Weisz) by way of anonymous letters to 'post restante' addresses; buried in the Kozma Street Jewish cemetary of Budapest. Slit open at top.


CR052, SC26, Budapest