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WWII/Holocaust era camps > Breslau/Wroclaw police prison: 9/1943 thick civilian cover from BRESLAU POLIZEIGEFANGNIS (police prison; return addressed! to Wohlager [residential camp] Markstadt 2 near Breslau) to PRAGUE "Protectorate Bohmen und Mahren", franked 12pf using Hitler definitive stamp with upper price tab & tied by unclear strike of the local civilian postmark; contains original 2-page letter in Czech dated 25 Sept. 1943. Markstadt (also known as 'Laskowitz') was one of the largest Jewish forced-labor camps run by "Organization Schmelt" (run by SS-Oberfuehrer Albrecht Schmelt), a forced-labor operation from 1940-44 wherein camps were built next to factories where war materials were manufactured; the camp held 3-4000 Jewish males and a number of females, and is generally believed to have operated from March/April 1942 until 25 March 1944; barracks for civilian Poles, Czechs, French, and Germans were outside the gate, as were the officers’ quarters. Researchers emphasize that Markstadt was not a subcamp of the Gross-Rosen concentration camp, nor was it a Reichsautobahn (RAB) camp, and it was not the same camp as Funfteichen. As the sender references a return address to the camp it may be that the Breslau police prison functioned as the postal channel for the camp.