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WWII/Holocaust era camps > Dreetz: 26-9-1943 pre-paid 6pf postal card with correspondence dated from 20 Sept., in Ukrainian, from male at LAGER DREETZ uber NEUSTADT to woman in BUKY central Ukraine, tied by local postmark & 'Ab' circular censor handstamp of the BERLIN censor office; the postal stationary bears the propaganda exhortation "Der Führer kennt nur Kampf, Arbeit und Sorge. Wir wollen ihm den Teil abnehmen, den wir ihm abnehmen können" (The leader only knows struggle, work and care. We want to take away the part that we can take from him). Both the sending & receiving locales are tiny - rare postal destination at this time of the war. The Dreetz camp was established in January 1941 as a forced labor camp for Jews, working for various German companies in the fields of munitions, construction, earthworks & more; closed at the end of 1943; eventually also housed Soviet, Polish & Serbian prisoners nearby.