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Germany/Switzerland: Sixth Zionist Congress 1903 & "Muscular Judaism": special medal with ribbon and pin, for the performance of Jewish athletes at the 6th congress issued by the German Zionist Union; size (medal only): 29.5mm, weight: 10.15g; no maker's mark. The obverse bears the German legend "Die Zionistische Vereinig f. Deutschland Zur Erinnerung A. D. Schauturnen auf dem Zionisten Congress Zu Basel im Elul 5663" (The Zionist Union of Germany | A Token of the Gymnastics at the Zionist Congress in Basel in Elul 5663 [the Hebrew month of Elul in 1903]) with a dot below. The reverse bears the emblem of the Zionist Congress with the Hebrew exhortation above "Strong, Strong and Brave". The medal may be silver but is not marked such. The ribbon is in the Zionist colors of blue and white with a safety-pin reverse. The performance of the Jewish gymnasts is mentioned twice the Congress' protocols (p.87 & 144) and was a highly anticipated event, mentioned by Herzl himself and Max Nordau. The performers were members of the Association of Jewish Gymnastics societies, and represented what was known then as "Muscular Judaism" (Muskeljudentum). The slogan used here was subsequently adopted by the Zionist "Young Guard" youth movement, HaShomer HaTzair.


CR107, SC04, CR045, Basel